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Our Story

Urania’s Children & The Heavenly Garden fragrances encourage the contemporary individual to find subjective freedom by cultivating a bold sense of identity confidence and gender playfulness.


“So many different bottles telling different stories, but none that I could fully connect with. My individuality is a great part of who I am. To find my own freedom, I had to go through a long journey of self-discovery, and I wanted something to express this, not conceal it. That’s why I was inspired to create Urania,” says the founder Winder Ton. “To me, it affirms a place where misfits are not only represented, but celebrated: no boxes to be ticked, no labels to be worn, just limitless creativity, ethereal sophistication and unpretentious coolness.” - Winder Ton


My intention was to create something aspirational, provocative, and fun – yet sophisticated, fragrances for those like me that aren’t afraid to show the world who they are. There are countless beautiful misfits out there evoking admiration and inspiring awe, and countless more still discovering their own uniqueness.” 

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