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Bespoke Creations & Workshops

Aromacology is the science that studies the interaction between scents and human behavior.


Combining expertise, storytelling, and creativity, we are proud to be known for crafting unique, captivating, and sophisticated scents. Urania bespoke fragrances are created with a careful selection of ingredients based on aromacology. This means that the ingredients are chosen based on their molecular properties to maximize the olfactory experience. 

Surprisingly, nearly 75% of our daily emotions are influenced by scents. Studies have shown that scents can improve cognitive function and reduce stress in offices, boost sales, and enhance customer satisfaction by up to 25% in retail environments, while also contributing to our overall well-being and health.


Scent Creation

Retail & Corporate Spaces

Art Installations & Immersive Experiences

Artists & Public Figures


We offer consultancy and scent creation services to retail, hospitality businesses, corporate spaces, wellness centers, art installations, and for artists and more.

We create scents based on scientific evidence, carefully selecting the right combination of ingredients to create a unique fragrance that complements and enhances your business. Whether you are seeking a relaxing and comforting scent for a spa or a captivating and stimulating fragrance for a retail space, we've got you covered.

Studies show that visual recall of images drops to about 50% after just three months. However, humans can remember scents with an impressive 65% accuracy even after an entire year.



We offer perfume blending workshops ideal for corporations, groups, or members' clubs. We have successfully conducted workshops in premium locations across the UK, including Soho House, Hearst Publications, Royal Academy of Arts, Ace Hotel, St James Square, and more.


Latest Projects

Yeule Code Eau de Parfum

The Or Agency

Mother Agency


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